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Sequence of Pictures

Both predictive and bidirectionally coded pictures are not bound at their direct predecessors and/or successors. It is possible to derive the contents from pictures with a larger distance.

Example for a sequence of picture: IBBPBBPBB IBB...

In the above example the two B-pictures 2 and 3 are derived from the I-picture 1 and the P-picture 4. The different positions of the picture segments shall demonstrate the movement compensation. B-pictures cannot serve as reference and will not be stored.

P-pictures could relate to I-pictures and other P-pictures. In this example the picture 7 refers to the P-picture 4. All P-pictures must be stored within a buffer until the next I-picture is identified.

The buffer for this exemplary sequence must be designed for a maximum capacity by 4 pictures. The pictures stored there are I1, P3, P7 and the currently processed picture.

As soon as the I-picture 10 is decoded, the preceding pictures can be rejected from the buffer (I1, P3 and P7).

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