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Sampling and Bit Rate

Equivalent to the common audio systems three different sampling rates are defined: 32, 44.1 and 48 kHz. They correspond with the audio sources radio (FM), CD and DAT.

Bit rates (data transfer rates) may be selected in a wide range. The internal header specification of MPEG allows the usage of the following rates:

IndexLayer ILayer IILayer III
0free formatfree formatfree format
132 kbit/s32 kbit/s32 kbit/s
264 kbit/s48 kbit/s40 kbit/s
396 kbit/s56 kbit/s48 kbit/s
4128 kbit/s64 kbit/s56 kbit/s
5160 kbit/s80 kbit/s64 kbit/s
6192 kbit/s96 kbit/s80 kbit/s
7224 kbit/s112 kbit/s96 kbit/s
8256 kbit/s128 kbit/s112 kbit/s
9288 kbit/s160 kbit/s128 kbit/s
10320 kbit/s192 kbit/s160 kbit/s
11352 kbit/s224 kbit/s192 kbit/s
12384 kbit/s256 kbit/s224 kbit/s
13416 kbit/s320 kbit/s256 kbit/s
14448 kbit/s384 kbit/s320 kbit/s

According to the specification there are some restrictions regarding the combination of bit rates and operation mode, which concern Layer II.

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